Touring Cork SUP Pad
Touring Cork SUP Pad
Touring Cork SUP Pad

Touring Cork SUP Pad

Product Description:
Our unique four piece touring cork deck pad is eco friendly and made for a touring style board. Made with real cork that naturally has great elasticity, water-repellant and stickiness properties like our original line giving you superior grip while touring in calm and choppy waters. The flexible four piece design can be applied the way you want to accommodate any tie downs and accessories you have on your board. All deck pads have an earthy eggplant logo color. Designed by Solace SUP in collaboration with Wave Tribe.
  • Line groove design for comfort
  • 4 piece pad design that fits different size boards
  • Made with real cork producing a more ECO friendly pad
  • Cork naturally repels water making a lighter pad
  • Nice softness to firmness balance for comfort & performance
  • Natural color traction pad using less dyes
  • Tested & successfully proven durability for 6+ years 
  • Money back guarantee
Tech Specs:
  • 53" L x 18" W size with no gaps
  • 5mm thick

Cork is harvested by peeling back the bark of cork oak trees usually every 9 years without having to cut the tree down and is a renewable, natural material that makes a more eco-friendly SUP deck pad. The less petroleum based material, the better!