12.6 Race Model: Spear - Solace SUP Boards
12.6 Race Model: Spear - Solace SUP Boards
12.6 Race Model: Spear with cork traction - Solace SUP Boards
12.6 Race Model: Spear Gladiator Click it fin - Solace SUP Boards

12.6 Race Model: Spear

Product Description:

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Our 12.6 racing model comes in a full carbon fiber vacuumed construction with a light gray brushed matte finished. The Spear has a reversed displacement hull nose with a little extra volume in that area to keep it buoyant, yet still hugging the water line making a fast board. The recessed to flat deck gives the paddler great control and ability to walk the entire deck. Perfect amount of traditional rocker allows this model to excel in a downwind situation while riding bumps and or slicing through some flat water. Super light at only 22 lbs. Comes with a composite Gladiator "click it" technology fin made by Fibre Glass Fin Co.

  • 1 HDM Gladiator "click it" tech fin
  • Probox custom 3+1 twin fin box setup with ventral option available
  • Comfortable ECO cork deck pad 
  • Maintenance free air vent 
  • Lift SUP retractable handle for easy carrying
  • GoPro camera mount
  • GPS mount
  • Double leash cups
  • Unique bottom gives nice stability and glide
  • Efficient reverse displacement hull nose
Tech Specs:
  • 12’6” L x 27” W
  • 245 liters in volume
  • 22 lbs Naked
  • Brushed matte carbon fiber construction
  • Recommended for paddlers up to 215 lbs beginner + 30lbs for advanced

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