Solace SUP Boards: A stand up paddle company using less plastic

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Plastic is a huge threat to our environment. Ever seen that picture of the dead albatross bird halfway decomposed with a belly full of plastic caps and trash? It gets overwhelming because majority of our consumable products are made of petroleum based materials like plastic that never seems to go away when discarded. Surf and stand up paddleboard products are no different.


Photo courtesy of Chris Jordan via Smithsonian website

Anyone that has a relationship with our oceans, bays, lakes and rivers knows how fragile it can be and hopefully feels some kind of duty to take care of our waterways. You don’t necessarily have to hug a tree or sing the song “Kum Ba Yah” while holding hands, but as consumers, you do have a choice.

Bamboo/Cork Solace SUP

Solace SUP Boards is a grassroots company of surfers, artists, travelers and paddlers focusing on tested performance shapes and accessories using bamboo, cork, hemp and recyclable materials. It all started to come together for Solace SUP back in 2012 when there was limited choices on the market for a quality paddle board that performed and looked good. Afterall, if a board doesn’t stand the test of time, it usually ends up in the landfill and it is a pain in the ass to spend more money on replacing equipment. We use a strong bamboo vacuum bagged sandwich construction process and adding in easy carrying retractable handles and adjustable performance fin boxes. A collaboration with eco surf company, Wave Tribe, has streamlined our testing on our core accessories and allowed us to focus on designing top notch SUP traction pads made of cork and heavy duty hemp board bags all using less plastic. Although not 100% free of petroleum components, we are working on coordinating and testing with different fast growing plant based materials to lighten our footprint with our boards and accessories as we grow. If you are looking for quality sustainable gear, check us out.



Our kickstarter campaign is live and running until 12/06/15, which will help with a percentage of our upfront inventory cost with expanding our new board and hemp bag models coming in 2016. We have custom rewards packages that you can choose to back that include handcrafted art, t-shirts and custom SUP board packages at early backer prices. Our current board line and accessories are available on our website.


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