Local paddler preps for 25mile Sea Paddle NYC Race

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The 10th anual 25 mile Sea Paddle NYC Race is kicking off on August 20th 2016. The event proceeds supports children with autism and the environment from the event. $30,000 in prize money is also up for grabs!

This event offers a killer scenic paddle course starting under the Brooklyn Bridge, traveling up the East River, into the Harlem River, then down the Hudson River and finally ending at the Chelsea Piers Marina.

Sea Paddle NYC has currently raised $130,00+ of there goal of $200,000. Wayne Best, of Ocean City, Maryland, will be competing in his second appearance at this race. He has been a top fundraiser for the event and wants to surpass his goal this year. Participants need to raise at least $1,000 to be able to race and anything above that pushes the ability to donate more to these good causes. Solace has landed support and donated one of our boards for him to take the 25 mile trek. If you would like to support the cause and Wayne for the 2016 Sea Paddle NYC Race, simply click on his link and donate today. Much stoke and good karma will come your way! :)

Check out his feature on WBOC's Delmarva life riding our Solace 14' Snook carbon race SUP model that he will be using in the upcoming event.

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First Time Stand Up Paddling

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Your first time stand up paddling can be intimidating if your not familiar with your gear and or venturing out by yourself. Most rental places that I remember trying early on would give you any board and say have at it. The one thing that stands out is having my paddle blade turned the wrong way, which is a common mistake. Not until I started paddling with other stand up paddlers did I realize to turn my blade the other way.

Here is Solace SUP's team member, Sarah Alderson, giving some insight on stand up paddling for the first time below. She is a SUP Yoga instructor in the Atlanta, Georgia area at Soulful Yoga & SUP .
Sarah A._SolaceTeam


“What is this thing called SUP, that I keep hearing about”, you say to yourself. SUP is in a technical term Stand Up Paddle Board surfing ‘Hoe he’e Nalu in the Hawaiian language; a sport as an offshoot of surfing, originating from the ancient Polynesian times. A lot of people think of SUP as another form of surfing, and that there’s no way they could do it, “That just sounds way too hard, I couldn’t do that.” However; that is farther from the truth, and anyone can enjoy being on a board. From a personal standpoint, someone that just experienced it for the first time a year ago, does not work out nor has great co-ordination….fell in love the first time and can’t get enough of it! Just getting out on the water, paddling out in a seated position,sometimes anchoring and just laying there enjoying the feeling of the sun on my skin, the wind and the water on my toes does wonders on my mind and body. Other days I get out there paddle the page and do a little yoga; and that is a fun and challenging experience that changes the way you look and feel about yoga; and anyone can do it.

What I’m saying is that anyone; any age, size, shape, strengths, weaknesses and all can get themselves on a board and experience something amazing! As a friend and yoga teacher of mine always says; “my goal is to make yoga and SUP accessible to everyone and make it so that everyone can partake in it and be there to support them so that they receive the amazing benefits: mind and body, of what yoga and SUP can do for you.”

There are various types of boards out there; brands, materials, sizes, shapes, prices and purposes. As you get more into the sport you will learn more about the different benefits andwhat you may like or need for your personal purpose.

Soulful Yoga SUP

Photo Courtesy of Soulful Yoga & SUP

If this is something that you are just trying out for the first time, I would find a place that either does tours, teaches classes, SUP yoga or even private SUP lessons. This the board and items needed to get out there on the water will all be included in the price. My first experience was through a SUP yoga class they provided everything, walked through all of the steps of how to get on and off the board, safety, basic maneuverability and then we went on with our yoga sequence. I believe that this is the way to go as you will have someone there to physically show you how to do everything, answer questions and support you through your first experience.

Once you find a place that has a lot of experience, training and insurance and then you are able to get the options that you want on your SUP experience; get some friends, make it a group thing- the more the better. When you have someone come along with you, it makes it a lot more fun and then you will feel more comfortable that you have someone there that can fall in with you and make great memories with. So grab a friend and get on a board and you will have an experience that you will never forget.

Sometimes we all need to let go of our ego, step out and try something new, something amazing, connect with nature, connect with friends and really just do something that is good for your mind, body and soul; ‘Hoe he’e Nalu’.

- Sarah Alderson

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Indonesia Stand Up Paddle Trip Exploring

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Indonesia is a beautiful place with mucho reef breaks, great food and the people are very welcoming. It does cost about $1300 USD from the east coast, but once there, its cheap. I traveled over to Bali from Hong Kong while I was doing quality control with our large order of Solace stand up boards back in early March 2016. A quick 5 hour flight and I arrived in paradise. I say quick because my last flight from Maryland to Hong Kong took about a day. Wheeew!

I hit up Uluwatu first. Took about an half an hour from the airport with a taxi. Although I was tired, I was wide awake gripping on my seatbelt as the cabby zoomed in and out of scooters and other cars. Scenery here was unreal and there were some cool bars located on the cliff that you could drink a Bing Tang while watching people surf the reef. You'll see this towards the end of the video.

I eventually made my way over to the east side of the island to Sanur. This spot was a little more resorts but still had some reasonable hotel accommodations. I was able to get a deal online for $49 a night in a place that was 1 block from the beach and was nice! You could paddle out for about a quarter mile and be into reef break. Pretty small the day I was getting footage but some locals were saying it gets about head high when you catch it right.

Check out a quick video we put together to try to capture my trip. There were many times where my old Gopro fogged up or battery was dead and I needed to just live in the moment with no camera, but I did manage to just scratch the surface with the footage I got.


Travel. Paddle. Explore

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Carolina CUP Recap 2016

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The Carolina CUP has been around for quite sometime now and is known as the largest East Coast stand up paddle board race event and the 2015 event marked it as the largest in the world. What!? Crazy. This is a fun event that you can bring the family and race, spectate, demo different equipment and take clinics from experts. What I like the most is meeting new people in the water sports community that bring good vibes and like to have a good time. We were lucky to score our vendor booth right next to Blue Point Brewing out of New York, which gave us easy access to beer :)

If you come to the event next year(we highly recommend to come out!) make sure you book your hotel early as they fill up quick and be prepared to pay for parking as any spots on the street are pay by the hour.

Of course, with all this action and expensive equipment hanging around, watch your belongings. We unfortunately had our trailer lock cut and two boards stolen late in the evening or early morning over the weekend. The police and event coordinators with the Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club were great with spreading the word and looking out, so cheers and much love to our North Carolina friends. Fingers crossed our boards will be returned.

Check out this trailer courtesy of the Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club.

Congrats to all the competitors! There were three races.

3.5 mile Harbor Island

6.5 mile Money Island

13.2 mile Grave Yard (Ocean start and finish)

Top 3 SUP finishers in the 3.5 mile race:

SUP 12.6 Class

1. KENNEDY, KAREN 42:56.8 4

2. MARKEL, JUSTIN 43:29.1

3. HOGAN, DANA 44:15

SUP 14 Class

1. PHILLIPS, STEVE 38:26.6

2. BURNET, ALEX 42:13.5

3. ACKLAND, BRENT 42:49.9

Top 3 SUP finishers in the 6.5 mile race:

SUP 12.6 Class

1. MARSTON, WILL 1:08:26.7

2. AVILA, RICARDO 1:08:42.1

3. HAIGIS, KEVIN 1:09:52.1

SUP 14 Class

1. SMITH, TIMOTHY 22:10.2

2. CURRY, CHRIS 1:02:02.5

3. RHODES, KEVIN 1:02:08.6

Top 3 finishers in the 13.2 mile race:

SUP 12.6 Class

1. ANDERSON, ANNABEL 2:17:07.7

2. APPLEBY, CANDICE 2:22:32.8

3. HOENSCHEID, SONNI 2:22:38.6

SUP 14 Class

1. TITOUAN, PUYO 2:04:49.3

2. GRANT, TRAVIS 2:05:11.7

3. CHING, DANNY 2:05:25.9

Bay Bridge Paddle

Come out and see us on our next stand up paddle event in Annapolis, Maryland at the Bay Bridge Paddle on May 14th 2016. Boards will be here for demo.



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Large Surf from winter storm Jonas 2016 - Ocean City, Maryland

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Some quick clips of Winter Storm Jonas on January 24, 2016 filmed by unscene productions of some incredible waves with some step-offs in Ocean City, MD and tunes by Soak performing the song "Sea Creatures'" with no rights reserved of the song....produced for Hooked On OC promoting Ocean City, Maryland and the incredible swell generated by the Winter Storm Jonas....filmed at 1000mm cold and no image stabilizer manual focus.
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