Why Hemp as a SUP board bag material?

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Today, the list of hemp’s uses is long and varied. It’s found in everything from rope to concrete blocks to biofuels. However, humans have been using hemp fibers to make strong, durable cords and textiles for thousands of years—and it’s little wonder why.

Hemp is one of the fastest growing crops, produces one of the world’s longest and strongest plant fibers and is naturally resistant to rot and abrasion.

Benefits of Hemp

Here’s a quick look at some of the things that make hemp fabric great.

  • Breathable UV protection. Hemp offers good breathability, helping to reduce heat and keep gear cool while also naturally protecting against the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Durable & antibacterial. Hemp fibers are not only stronger than other plant-based fibers like cotton, they are resistant to microbial life and bacterial growth.
  • Eco-friendly, obviously. Fast growth cycles, a lower need for pesticides and a water requirement at least ten times lower than that of cotton, all help hemp (say that ten times fast) have a lower impact on the environment.

Hemp & The Solace Board & Paddle Bags

Solace SUP hemp board bags

  • Air and moisture vents keep your board cool
  • Extra 5mm to 10mm padding protects against dings and scratches while traveling/storing
  • Multiple padded, reinforced handles make carrying your board easier
  • Large storage pocket let you keep plenty of gear on hand. 
  • YKK zippers that don't break
  • Aluminum mesh UV reflective cooling bottom
  • Velcro fin slots gives easy access

While high-quality eco hemp canvas is the main material used in our SUP board and paddle bags, we add a whole lot of extras to make them some of the best bags on the market.




Solace Hemp Bag Large Pocket

YKK zippers

Easy velcro fin slots for SUP bags



Why should you care?

Here’s a quick recap of why we hope you’ll love our Solace hemp board and paddle bags:

  • Protects your board/paddle against harmful UV rays and heat from the sun
  • Protects your gear from scratches and dings while storing and transporting
  • Makes it easier to carry/transport your board
  • Uses less plastic and has less impact on our environment

Check out more details and features of our hemp bags below. 

Solace SUP hemp bags


Just one of our reviews below:

Solace SUP Hemp bag review

At Solace, we get pretty stoked when we get to talk about awesome people, beautiful places to paddle and cool new gear. But we wanted to take some time to focus on something that’s been at the core of Solace SUP boards since the very beginning—and that’s making SUP gear that takes advantage of environmentally-friendly materials and practices. That's why we teamed up with our friends at Wave Tribe and collaborated to bring the first stand up hemp board bags. They are the best on the market too!


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