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The 4 crucial paddle things to have in place to save your life

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We all have heard of the recent headlines of paddlers loosing their lives right? Because of this, we are giving our SUP board leashes away for free. More on this in a sec. 

I’ve told a story when I was wrapped up in fishing string from a fishermen's rod located on the beach when SUP surfing not too long ago.

Yup, I watched my board float away as the guy on the beach was pulling and reeling his fishing pole as fast as he could. I don’t blame him. It probably felt like the catch of the day on the other end!

Instead, it was my board. I yelled and waved my paddle as slight panic and anxiety rushed all through my body while I kept afloat on top of the water. This made me more tired than anything. My thoughts were, “ Is this it?”

True story and although I had a leash on, I took it off to try and untangle the fishing hook. I should of just kept my leash on and paddled toward the shore. My situation would of been a lot less stressful! My situation turned out ok but there have been some that did not turn out ok. 

It was posted in the news that the gentleman, Marc Ma,  out in Lake Tahoe was just now found in August 2017 from being missing on a paddle board back in June 2016. He paddled out to help a group of distressed paddle boarders as the winds hiked up and started really blowing. A boat came to the rescue, but Marc was no where to be found. He was a football player and resident of Hawaii. He was found with no leash or PFD.

Always wear a leash. PFD’s are good, but a leash keeps you connected to your biggest flotation device; your board. No matter how good of a swimmer, paddler or athlete you are, I would recommend these four things below.

My top 4 crucial must have safety things:

  1. Board leash
  2. Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  3. A mental plan with training
  4. Phone or Personal Beacon Responder

Yes, I meant to write #3! It’s not a physical product, but you can prepare yourself by being aware of your surroundings and abilities. Worst case scenario, could you swim to land where you are paddling easily? Did you check the weather? Are you wearing the right gear?

Raining Solace SUP board leashes


I decided to give the #1 crucial must have safety things away for FREE + shipping. That’s right, I’m giving away a limited amount of our Solace SUP board leashes for free. The only thing I ask for is help with the $9.95 shipping & handling to get your leash to you anywhere in the USA & Canada. Say what!?

#4 Is a great precautionary device to have. We all have phones and these can be taken out on the water if you have a waterproof pouch or dry bag to attach to you or your board. It would be nice to text or call someone for help if you are in a tight spot.

A Personal Beacon Responder does the trick too. This is a gps locator button device you can push and notifies local rescue services of your exact location if you are in distressed through satellite. That would be sweet wouldn't it? 

I found one on Amazon as an example===>Beacon Responder

Do you think you could add something to our post? Let us know in the comments below. 

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