What should I wear for cold water SUP paddling?

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Is my foot or toes going to fall off today? 

I was asking myself this one early spring evening as I had my feet in the bathtub running warm water over the top of them. 

Even though the sun was out and air temp felt pretty good, I went paddling in some chilly water without my booties. When I got out I couldn't feel my feet! They eventually came back to life in my bathtub but some strange thoughts ran through my head, ha! 🤪

Proper insulated water gear will have you protected and have fun year around. If you are hardcore like that! 

For this one, I'll focus on clothing. I’ll go into some personal experience with cold weather gear like a dry suit vs. wetsuit and other things you may consider to keep you safe and toasty while paddling.

Solace SUP Dry Suit

Dry Suits

I have an older dry suit ( bought back in 2013) that is one piece made of a waterproof thin polyester material. Looks just like a jumpsuit you would wear plunging out of an airplane :)

Layering is easy and a good idea to keep you warm. Great for flatwater paddling and you could keep cooler by adjusting your layers underneath. I have seen some nice new ones on the market that look like they have come a long way! I would check out some reviews and see if my "cons" are still an issue that you'll see below. 



  • Def keeps you dry
  • Baggy and easy to wear
  • Lightweight



  • Rubber Gasket around neck is very uncomfortable(feels like it chokes you)
  • Hard to zip
  • Air gets trapped inside the suit as you fall into the water and inflates you like a human balloon(makes it difficult to swim)
  • Expensive



I would recommend a full-on wetsuit if you are into surfing and or paddling in rough water where you may be taking a plunge often. Get’s a little hot if you are just flatwater paddling and not getting wet. Wetsuits usually come in different styles and thicknesses for water temps.

Common ones you will see are 3/2, 4/3 and 5/4mm thicknesses. The first number(thickest areas) are usually in the core and chest portions of the suit. The second number(a bit thinner areas) are usually in the extremities... legs and arms area.

Most shops and websites will have recommendations on needed thickness base on your area's water temp and time of the year. You'll find you may need multiple suits for different times of the year. How convenient right?! I reccomend visiting your local shop to see how different brands fit and feel to you.



  • Form-fitting and neoprene usually has a good stretch to keep you agile
  • Keeps you warm
  • Material is soft
  • Fairly reasonable $



  • Hard to get on and off
  • Can get hot if not jumping in the water


Other Recommended gear

  • neoprene gloves
  • neoprene hats/ hood
  • neoprene booties
  • insulated pants/tops you can use to layer

My Choice?

I personally have both and rarely wear my dry suit. I would rather have thinner 1.5 mm neoprene pants and a similar top/jacket. I also have drysuit type pants that are almost like snowboard pants and I'll combine that with a light neoprene top/jacket when easy flatwater paddling. Much more comfortable than my full drysuit. These usually come in men's and women's sizes.

Some picture examples and links below or visit your local shop: 

NRS Splash Pants1.5mm PantsSupreme 1.5mm Paddle Jacket

1.5mm pants link: http://amzn.to/2zOj1iv

Dry pants link: http://amzn.to/2j1Z3Xu

Paddle Jacket 1.5mm: http://amzn.to/2j3YlZF

I wear my wetsuit when I SUP surf. 

More eco-friendly gear is coming on the market using bamboo, natural rubber and recycled materials which is always awesome. 

It's better to dress properly for the time of year and have fun rather than suffer from numb feet/hands 2 hours after you are done paddling 😰 I've been there. 

Hope this helps! Leave any comments below sharing your setup and or you think I missed something epic. 



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Why Cork as a SUP traction pad material?

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If you’ve never seen how cork is harvested, you’re missing out. Really. It’s pretty cool.

Cork-based products (like cork stoppers, cork pin boards or cork flooring) are made from the bark of cork oak trees. A cork oak tree is never cut down, instead, skilled harvesters carefully peel off the outer layer of bark before it’s shipped and processed to make all kinds of useful products.

This kind of sustainable harvesting has no negative effects on the tree and it continues to grow and can be harvested again every nine years.

Cork Tree Solace SUP Graphic

Benefits of Cork

Cork is an amazing material loaded with characteristics that make it perfect for use in eco-friendly watersports.

  • Natural material. Cork-based products provide a natural substitute for synthetic materials.
  • Water resistance. Cork contains suberin—a natural, waxy, waterproofing substance.
  • Natural color, less dye. Cork doesn’t need dyes to look great, which reduces the need for chemical-based dyes.
  • Durable & Recyclable. Cork is very durable, creating long-lasting products. But when products do reach the end of their useful lives, cork can be recycled and reused.
  • Sustainable production. Cork oak trees continue to grow and regenerate bark between harvest years.

Cork & The Solace Deck Pad

As we considered how to make durable, high-quality and eco-friendly deck pads for SUP boards, the natural benefits of cork made it a no-brainer.

Solace SUP Cork Traction Pad

We teamed up with Wave Tribe Surf to create three sets of cork composite deck pads, so whether you use your SUP board for touring long distances, hitting the waves and surfing, or just hanging out and doing some yoga, there’s a Solace cork pad for you.

The key was to find the perfect balance between natural cork and the traditional EVA that is used on the market to make a great sustainable deck pad that will last.  Too much cork and it tends to fall apart over time. Too much EVA and its too hard. Wave Tribe dialed this formula in back in 2007 and Solace SUP dialed in a great design in 2013 for a stand up paddle board. 

Solace SUP Cork Deckpad

What Our Customer's Are Saying!

Solace SUP Cork Deckpad Review

Before even standing on one, you’ll notice that our pads look great—especially when paired with a bamboo or wood deck—and their natural cork color is good for the environment too as we’re able to use less dye on each pad. Up close, the natural elasticity of cork means our pads are soft under your feet, yet firm and grippy. And because cork repels water, the pad won’t weigh your board down when it’s wet and it’ll dry fast when you’re ready to head home. What’s not to love?

Check these out on our website here: SUP Gear

Why should you care?

In an industry where most deck pads are created using heavily-dyed EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam, cork has a lot to offer paddlers seeking a more eco-friendly option. Cork gives you all the grip you need for surfing waves or fast racing and the softness you want for long-distance exploring—all with less synthetic materials of conventional deck pads.

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Why Hemp as a SUP board bag material?

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Today, the list of hemp’s uses is long and varied. It’s found in everything from rope to concrete blocks to biofuels. However, humans have been using hemp fibers to make strong, durable cords and textiles for thousands of years—and it’s little wonder why.

Hemp is one of the fastest growing crops, produces one of the world’s longest and strongest plant fibers and is naturally resistant to rot and abrasion.

Benefits of Hemp

Here’s a quick look at some of the things that make hemp fabric great.

  • Breathable UV protection. Hemp offers good breathability, helping to reduce heat and keep gear cool while also naturally protecting against the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Durable & antibacterial. Hemp fibers are not only stronger than other plant-based fibers like cotton, they are resistant to microbial life and bacterial growth.
  • Eco-friendly, obviously. Fast growth cycles, a lower need for pesticides and a water requirement at least ten times lower than that of cotton, all help hemp (say that ten times fast) have a lower impact on the environment.

Hemp & The Solace Board & Paddle Bags

Solace SUP hemp board bags

  • Air and moisture vents keep your board cool
  • Extra 5mm to 10mm padding protects against dings and scratches while traveling/storing
  • Multiple padded, reinforced handles make carrying your board easier
  • Large storage pocket let you keep plenty of gear on hand. 
  • YKK zippers that don't break
  • Aluminum mesh UV reflective cooling bottom
  • Velcro fin slots gives easy access

While high-quality eco hemp canvas is the main material used in our SUP board and paddle bags, we add a whole lot of extras to make them some of the best bags on the market.




Solace Hemp Bag Large Pocket

YKK zippers

Easy velcro fin slots for SUP bags



Why should you care?

Here’s a quick recap of why we hope you’ll love our Solace hemp board and paddle bags:

  • Protects your board/paddle against harmful UV rays and heat from the sun
  • Protects your gear from scratches and dings while storing and transporting
  • Makes it easier to carry/transport your board
  • Uses less plastic and has less impact on our environment

Check out more details and features of our hemp bags below. 

Solace SUP hemp bags


Just one of our reviews below:

Solace SUP Hemp bag review

At Solace, we get pretty stoked when we get to talk about awesome people, beautiful places to paddle and cool new gear. But we wanted to take some time to focus on something that’s been at the core of Solace SUP boards since the very beginning—and that’s making SUP gear that takes advantage of environmentally-friendly materials and practices. That's why we teamed up with our friends at Wave Tribe and collaborated to bring the first stand up hemp board bags. They are the best on the market too!


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The 4 crucial paddle things to have in place to save your life

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Free Solace SUP leash


We all have heard of the recent headlines of paddlers loosing their lives right? Because of this, we are giving our SUP board leashes away for free. More on this in a sec. 

I’ve told a story when I was wrapped up in fishing string from a fishermen's rod located on the beach when SUP surfing not too long ago.

Yup, I watched my board float away as the guy on the beach was pulling and reeling his fishing pole as fast as he could. I don’t blame him. It probably felt like the catch of the day on the other end!

Instead, it was my board. I yelled and waved my paddle as slight panic and anxiety rushed all through my body while I kept afloat on top of the water. This made me more tired than anything. My thoughts were, “ Is this it?”

True story and although I had a leash on, I took it off to try and untangle the fishing hook. I should of just kept my leash on and paddled toward the shore. My situation would of been a lot less stressful! My situation turned out ok but there have been some that did not turn out ok. 

It was posted in the news that the gentleman, Marc Ma,  out in Lake Tahoe was just now found in August 2017 from being missing on a paddle board back in June 2016. He paddled out to help a group of distressed paddle boarders as the winds hiked up and started really blowing. A boat came to the rescue, but Marc was no where to be found. He was a football player and resident of Hawaii. He was found with no leash or PFD.

Always wear a leash. PFD’s are good, but a leash keeps you connected to your biggest flotation device; your board. No matter how good of a swimmer, paddler or athlete you are, I would recommend these four things below.

My top 4 crucial must have safety things:

  1. Board leash
  2. Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
  3. A mental plan with training
  4. Phone or Personal Beacon Responder

Yes, I meant to write #3! It’s not a physical product, but you can prepare yourself by being aware of your surroundings and abilities. Worst case scenario, could you swim to land where you are paddling easily? Did you check the weather? Are you wearing the right gear?

Raining Solace SUP board leashes


I decided to give the #1 crucial must have safety things away for FREE + shipping. That’s right, I’m giving away a limited amount of our Solace SUP board leashes for free. The only thing I ask for is help with the $9.95 shipping & handling to get your leash to you anywhere in the USA & Canada. Say what!?

#4 Is a great precautionary device to have. We all have phones and these can be taken out on the water if you have a waterproof pouch or dry bag to attach to you or your board. It would be nice to text or call someone for help if you are in a tight spot.

A Personal Beacon Responder does the trick too. This is a gps locator button device you can push and notifies local rescue services of your exact location if you are in distressed through satellite. That would be sweet wouldn't it? 

I found one on Amazon as an example===>Beacon Responder

Do you think you could add something to our post? Let us know in the comments below. 

Check here to see if our Free + shipping Solace SUP leash is available===> Free Leash



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Solace SUP Review With Jenna

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Solace SUP Boards review with Jenna. She purchased the 12.6 Ranger Touring model from Solace and gives details on her experience.

"I like the stability of the touring board since I paddle in open water at times and it's easy for me to carry for a longer board." Jenna S.
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