Installing a SUP cork traction pad

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Here is a quick tutorial video showing how the four piece cork SUP deck pad can be installed. We purposely used one of our early sample model boards with the standard recessed handle to show how to cut and customized that area. This is for all those customers that have purchased our Solace SUP cork deck pad separately for your DIY projects. Hope this helps!

Some key points from the video:

  1. Clean your surface/board- We use a natural glass cleaner that works great and gets rid of any debris and residue.
  2. Lay out your pad- Next, lay out your pad to see how it will fit on your board and how you would want it to be installed.
  3. Peel back the inside wax paper for your sections- Fold a one inch crease all the way down on the inside section underneath of the deck pad wax paper.
  4. Secure your inside corners- When you lay each section down, secure the inside exposed corner when that section is placed back where you had it originally. It’s important to do just the corners and when you have all four pieces placed, make any adjustments if needed after using a straight edge and measuring tape.
  5. Secure the inside sections of the pad- the entire 1 inch exposed strip on the underneath inside of all pieces should be pushed down.
  6. Unroll paper on the sections of pad- Slowly pull the wax paper and roll the section of the pad down, while moving your hand up and down the pad to make it come in full contact with the board surface. This helps to not leave any creases.
  7. Cut the handle- Finally, run your thumbs over top the handle area and feel the opening and inside area while pressing hard on the installed pad. You will see a indentation to make a single cut with a blade. Run that cut until your knife hits the top and bottom section of the handle. Continue to run the blade with the outline of the handle cutting out excess pad material. Using a large grit and fine grit sand paper will make your edges clean.

It's also important to go back over and check your edges and corners after the pad has been installed and to give them an extra pat down.

If you take your time and follow these recommendations, you will have a professional looking install with your deck pad!

Please leave any comments below if you have questions or feel free to share any knowledge on your experience of installing a SUP traction pad.

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